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Since 2010, MARVIN VIDEO has been been the name in unique media production in Central Alabama, with projects ranging from video art installations to music videos and late-night broadcast television. If you need a certain something for your video project, don’t hesitate: contact MARVIN VIDEO today!   


Created for Birmingham-based musical artist and long-time Marvin collaborator BLACK PLASTIQUE. We were grateful to BP for giving us the opportunity to cut loose visually after a long period of playing it safe.


Our entry into the Sidewalk Scramble competition of Spring 2017. Per the rules of the competition, this short was entirely created within the same 48 hour time period.

PUT IT ON (2014)

A short film that was originally shown in a rough form as a THE “GOOD NIGHT” SHOW episode, which was later refined and entered into competition in the Sidewalk Film Festival in 2016 as a music video.


A surreal combination of strange visuals and music, THE “GOOD NIGHT” SHOW was created to fill time during episodes of our late night TV show TUSCALOOSA MONORAIL that we’d set aside for advertisers in future reruns. Because they were made to take up television broadcast time, very few full GNS episodes can be seen in their entirety online. The only exceptions can be viewed as part of a compilation episode we made to fill a hole in the MONORAIL schedule.

LISTENING POST 3224 (2013)

Recorded in 2013, LISTENING POST 3224 was a short film that was repurposed as an entry into THE “GOOD NIGHT” SHOW, airing once on television in 2014.


In many ways the project that is closest to our hearts, TUSCALOOSA MONORAIL was a television show that aired very late at night for two years before we ran out of money. MONORAIL featured (mostly) local musical artists along with interviews, skits and whatever else we could put on TV at 4 AM. See every episode online on Youtube.

VIDEO PRIEST (2011-2012)

Perhaps our most ambitious piece of work so far, VIDEO PRIEST consisted of a series of VHS tapes, live art installations, musical recordings, and several means of interacting with an alternate reality narrative. Through interacting with the project, the audience would slowly become aware of the strange story of the defunct video production company Covenant Video Ministries and their relationship to the mysterious character known as the Video Priest. 

RIB (2011)

Our first project together, RIB was a silent film created as part of a senior project in the University of Alabama’s New College program. The music that originally accompanied the film was performed live by a small orchestra playing eclectic instruments. This unwritten score was developed through several sessions of directed improvisation. RIB was originally meant to premiere in April of 2011, but due to a tornado destroying a large portion of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this initial performance didn’t take place until late the following year. Unfortunately, no recording exists of the live score, and the final version of the film with end credits has been lost. What’s presented here is a near-finished workprint with placeholder music.